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A fresh voice for Langbourn



The City is where I got my first big break into financial services and I've made it my professional home ever since. It's bursting full of innovation and enterprise at every level.

I'm determined to make our Square Mile the best it can be. 

Every day, I work towards that goal through my financial services executive search and leadership development firm, Barrington Hibbert Associates, where we widen the net to attract underrepresented talent into the City.

I want to go even further and I've got some new ideas to take the City to new heights in the face of the challenges we face.

That's why I'm running to represent Langbourn Ward as an Alderman in the November 2nd election.

You can find more about me and what I want to achieve for our patch below.

I'd love to hear your take on what you want for the City of London. Please do get in touch below and let's grab a coffee.

My Story


Work started for me on fruit and veg stall in Wembley, aged 13. That's where I learnt about the power of hard graft.

After a stint as a professional footballer in my early adulthood, and after working at Morgan Stanley on Wall Street, I was given my big break in the City 20 years ago by Kester Scope, CEO of Odgers Berndtson, the UK's leading executive search firm. I was very much a work-in-progress, so it meant a lot that he took a chance on me. This is why paying opportunities forward to those starting out means a lot to me.

Having fully got the 'City bug', and with a determination to build a business and a team of my own, I launched my executive search venture, Barrington Hibbert Associates, in 2010. Our clients range from international investment banks to FTSE 100 multinational organisations.


The City has given a lot to me, my wife Zoe, and my three wonderful teenagers over the years.


Most profoundly, when I took a year off in 2018 to support my family through my wife's chemotherapy, the support that I received from clients and the wider City community was mind-blowing. I really want to honour that generosity.

Giving back therefore means a lot to me, whether that's sponsoring scholarships at one of our capital's universities, or working alongside the Government and industry to create more opportunities via the City of London Corporation's Socio-Economic Diversity Taskforce.

My team and I were humbled to win the Boosting Social Impact Award at the Lord Mayor’s 2022 Dragon Awards for our work giving back to the community.

I'm ready to give back as an Alderman for our ward of Langbourn.

My Priorities

LET'S bring the brightest talent to town.

I'm laser-focused on attracting the most promising talent to the City so that we can continue to innovate and be the world's centre for financial services. This is the key to maintaining our competitive edge.

I do this work for a living through my firm. As our Alderman, I'd bring this experience into the City of London Corporation, day-in, day-out.

LET'S drive the resurgence of our hospitality sector. 

Our Square Mile wouldn’t be what it is without our bustling pubs, bars and restaurants. They are the engine that powers our patch - and that feeds and waters me every day!

But with energy bills going through the roof and changing footfall post-covid, I know times have been tougher than ever - for Leadenhall Market especially. I want to do everything I can to help our hospitality sector boom again.

As a recruiter by trade, I’m determined to help them find and retain the talent they need. This is something countless hospitality businesses have said they’re struggling with right now.

I’m also committed to convening a new Langbourn hospitality-financial services forum to help scope out how the City of London Corporation and the financial services sector can better support the pubs, bars and restaurants they depend on to thrive.


The City is packed full of opportunity that so many can benefit from, whatever their background.

I want to magnify the City's positives to ensure people and industry know that the Square Mile is for anyone and everyone who has the potential, desire and commitment to succeed.


This is something that myself and many others are striving to accomplish, and was a big reason why I co-founded the 10,000 Interns Foundation, where we've worked with firms across the Square Mile to create a wave of new opportunities for the underrepresented and underestimated.

We need to create more opportunities to make the City more inclusive. I'll drive that effort from the City of London Corporation as our Alderman.

My Style


I'm not afraid to roll up my sleeves and get stuck in to get the job done.

That approach served me well when I started out as a street trader and has been essential during the course of building my own business from the ground-up.

I'll be a hands-on Alderman, with my actions speaking louder than my words.

I'M A people-person.

I love people.


Understanding their stories and what makes them tick is important to me and critical to building long-lasting, empathetic connections.

Using this approach, I've built an eclectic network of everyone from Leadenhall Market street cleaners to FTSE 100 CEOs, whose friendship and colleagueship I will draw on to leverage results if elected as our next Alderman.

I'M A listener.

While I've got lots of ideas, I don’t pretend to have all the answers. Never will.


Listening is important to me, which is why I’d love to get your take on where you think The City should go next and how I could help, if elected as an Alderman, to get us there.

What's on?

events in the city 

People who work and do business in the City have told me that they want to know more about the social and cultural events happening on our doorstep. I agree, so here are some of my top picks coming up!


  • Black History Walk - 24th October, 4pm: Tony Warner leads a free walking tour uncovering the stories of Black Londoners in the Culture Mile of the Square Mile. Book here.


  • Finsbury Square Oktoberfest –26th-28th October and 2nd-4th November: Sample the best Bavarian beer, music and buzz at London’s own Oktoberfest. Book here.


  • For kids: Use the new ‘Monster Mail’ service at Hoxton Street Monster Supplies in Leadenhall market to become a pen pal with a fantasy creature. Open 11am-5pm during half term week. Read more here.

volunteer in the city

Folks who work and do business here have told me they’d like to know more about opportunities to give back to the community.


Here are some of the most impactful volunteering opportunities in the City right now:


  • Mentoring Works: This programme matches City employees as mentors to Year 10 and sixth form students to support them to develop the skills and knowledge needed for work. Email the East London Business Alliance for more info:

  • GoodGym: GoodGym is a charity running club where runners also help local charities with practical tasks while out on their jog. They’re looking to expand to the City. Could you lead a regular run? Contact GoodGym here:

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